ABOUT US - Nova Orbis Masterminds


Prof. Andre Vaccaro, MBA, SFC®, PCM®

CEO / President



National Director at the National Board of IMC-USA -Institute of Management Consultants - USA, 2022-2025.




National Director  of the United States Chapter of  ABCO - Associação Brasileira de Consultores - Brazilian Consultants Association.



Member of  AMA - American Marketing Association, joined in 1991.





Official Representative in Florida for OEB - Ordem dos Economistas do Brasil - Order of the Economists of Brazil.





Official Representative in Florida for C.R.A.-SP Conselho Regional de Administração do Estado de São Paulo, São Paulo Regional Board of Business Administration, the federal organization that regulates the activities of Business Administration in Brazil.



Brazil-Cameroon Chamber of Commerce - Director of Oil & Gas, Energy & Telecommunications



Volunteer at SCORE Mentors Broward Chapter - a nationwide non-profit organization with 16,000 volunteers in 305 chapters throughout the country, partially maintained by the federal agency  SBA - Small Business Administration, focused on consulting for small companies, mainly through business education and mentoring activities.



Coauthor of the book "Gestão de Negócios na Prática"(Business Management in Practice), with the chapter Strategic Planning for Small & Large Companies.





  • AMA - American Marketing Association - PCM® - Professional Certified Marketer - Marketing Management
  • SCRUM Study - SFC® - SCRUM Fundamentals Certified
  • SCORE - SCORE Certified Mentor



  • 2022 Diamond Level Presenter Award - SCORE Mentors
  • 2022 Appreciation Award - IMC-USA - Institute of Management Consultants
  • 2021 Consultant of the Year Award - ABCO - Brazilian Consultants Association
  • 2021 Chapter Management & Administration Award - SCORE Mentors
  • 1999 Professional of the Year Award - Internet - ABRAFORTE

With an extensive experience in large and medium-sized multinational corporations and 19 years as University Professor in Business Administration and International Relations in renowned institutions such as FAAP Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, UNIP Universidade Paulista and UniÍtalo, combined with 27 years of corporate experience occupying Executive and C-Level positions in companies like INTEL, AT&T, SKY TV, TELEFONICA, TELEMAR, Interchange/Citibank, ImpSat and Vistaitec, Professor Vaccaro manages to conciliate the practical market best-known-practices with the proper academic knowledge.

This proven success formula results in achieving the client companies' intended results in a professional and accurate manner, by applying the state-of-the-art business methodologies with a clear Strategic Planning process and its successful implementation.

It is imperative for any foreign company that intends to do business in the US to be able to count with highly skilled professionals that can integrate both its original market and the American market experiences, to mitigate risks and liabilities that can jeopardize the intended profits and company's health.

Baccalaureate in Business Administration Marketing-oriented from FAAP, with an International Executive MBA from FIA/FEA/USP (Universidade de São Paulo), a Masters of Science equivalent in Marketing Management from FAAP and a M.Ed. equivalent from UniItalo, Professor Vaccaro also has certificate studies in Marketing at EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, and two international competitiveness graduate modules at The WHARTON School (UPenn) and OWEN GRADUATE School of Management (Vanderbilt University), and more than 120 certificates in several professional courses in the Management and Consulting areas.

Nova Orbis Global Business Advisors is a consulting company focused on Business Strategy, that has got a partnership network structure that also provides all support that a new company needs in order to be properly established in the US. From company formation, accounting services via CPAs (partnership), Tax ID issuance, legal support, premises/offices, Staffing, sales, Marketing and Business Development, all synchronized to reflect the client's strategic perspective.

NOVA ORBIS is a single-point-of-contact consulting partner. There are many companies that have competitive products and goods, in several areas like cosmetics, foods and beverage and others throughout Latin America, that still do not have any kind of local presence or assistance to market their products. What happens is that the vast majority of these companies do not feel properly prepared to expand their businesses to new markets due to several doubts that may appear in the planning process and in the implementation itself.

We can help you on that.



In what regards to positioning, where is my company now?
Where do we want to be and in what time frame?
What do I need to do to sell my products/services in a new market/country?
Who are the competitors in that country, and how are they working the market? (Local, multinational, new entrants)
Is it feasible to establish productive and profitable partnerships or alliances?
What are the business best known practices for that specific Country?
Who is my target group for that market, and how do they behave?








We are experts in strategic solutions for new US businesses

Nova Orbis will UNDERSTAND your business. We will absorb and breathe your values. We will then add our local market knowledge. By doing that, we will jointly create the most effective and adherent strategy for your successful venture in the US.